Jesse McCullough, recovered Embarrassment photo collection, 2017

The Embarrassment: the Recovered Photographs
by Jesse McCullough-Wilson

A few months ago, Moler's Camera, where I work, bought a tub of old junk, as we often do. In the bottom of this particular tub, I found a Kodak paper box titled "Wichita Music Show" which contained dozens of photographs of the Wichita band The Embarrassment, as well as others from the era. I found the shots to be a stunning insight into a time and place I'd heard so much about, but never experienced. They were taken by a local photographer with a controversial past, and regardless of the photographer's personal life, these shots speak for themselves. I'm asking for anyone who was around this scene at this time to tag anyone they know, as I only know the great Jim Rosencutter.

Photos by Henry Nelson.
Digitization and editing by Jesse McCullough.

Thanks Moler's Camera for educating me in digitization. Thanks Michael Wilson for loaning me your digitization station, and Madeline McCullough for loaning me your camera.