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Fernando Salazar
2022 Reunion
Orpheum Theater
Jesse McCullough
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Embos_EastCoast_01-03 Mike Fizer's
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Embro Wichita State 1986fizerstudio
1139563_3531 1152169_9602 1152170_9877 1152171_262
1152172_1069 1156132_7456 5191 6748
1176686_894 Embarrassment_Car 9df6 1989fizeratbigdog
2469866_4128 2469868_4751 89bigdogshow Embarrassment67-2006
bandatrons billatrons brentatrons2B chicagotuts
flatiron group2a group3a heffleybillbrent
heffleygroup heffleyjohmbill1 heffleyjohnbill2 johnatrons
lindagailphillips1981 nelsonlastcedargig ronatrons schlorch2
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    Denver, CO The Mercury Cafe, 1982 At KMUW recording session, 1983
At KMUW recording session, 1983 At KMUW recording session, 1983 At KMUW recording session, 1983 At KMUW recording session, 1983
At KMUW recording session, 1983, cover WSU Halloween Concert, 1983 WSU Halloween Concert, 1983  
    Photo - Patty Heffley  
The Del Fuegos with Tom Petty (Brent Geissmann was their drummer) Embo reunion in Lawrence Embo reunion in Lawrence Embo at The Cedar, Wichita
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embos-2006 Embarrassment_2006 1189310_7832 1157347_5617
Photo from Wichita news article 2006 Reunion photo 2006 Reunion in Lawrence 2006 Reunion photo
1157354_1570 1157418_4482 1157348_5894 1157352_1121
2006 Reunion in Lawrence Wichita Historical Society
Display on the band with Ron Klaus's leather jacket
2006 Reunion photo 2006 Reunion photo
2006 Reunion photo 2009 Geismann, Alice Cooper & Goffrier Woody rehearsing his supergroup with Alice, Ace, Chad Smith Bill Goffrier's guitar -
Wichita Historical Society display
Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) holding the Big Dipper album that he designed the cover for the band.      

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