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The Embarrassment Scrapbook


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Table of Contents
Updates relating to the 2022 Embo Reunion:
Featured item
We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment
Sex Drive single master tapes
Posted on FB by Last Laugh Records
Featured item
2022 Embarrassment Reunion Concert
Orpheum Theater, Wichita
John Nichols
Photo by Jonathan Hope

Group Photos      
The Basic Group shot
Photo by Mike Fizer
The Dirty Room Insert from Death Travels West
Bill Goffrier reports that this is John in his Wichita basement bachelor pad.
In the Barn
Photo by Mike Fizer
Sex Drive single master tapes
Posted on FB by Last Laugh Records
A Bigger Group shot from a newspaper clipping
(Photo by...?)
Photo by Patti Heffley
taken backstage after the band's first appearance at the Danceteria, New York City

Photo by Eric Cale
Early photo of the band at the Cedar in Wichita.

John Nichols
Photo by Jonathan Hope
From the Albums, Etc.      
Human Music Cover
God Help Us
An amalgam of the DTW cover and that of the Embarrassment LP, featured in the CD insert for Heyday
original art by Eric Cale
The cover of the Human Music Compilation
(featuring "Two Cars")
The painting from the back of the Death Travels West EP
Original art by Eric Cale
Snappy Side Snappy Side
Side 1 of the Death Travels West Insert The Embarrassment EP
Happy Side
from an original lithography by John Boyd
The Embarrassment EP
Snappy Side
from an original lithography by John Boyd
God Help Us Cover Patio Side 1Patio Side A Retrospective_cover
A black and white scan of the God Help Us cover art Bill Goffrier's Cover art for Heyday The Patio Set / Sex Drive single
This is an ultra-rare collectible, which has fetched prices (reportedly) of up to $200.
Retrospective cassette
cover art
CD cover for Bill & Woody's Saucer Unused cover art concept by John Boyd Unused cover art concept by John Boyd Autographed EP
The Embarrassment EP 2020 reissue, white vinyl      
30325959_4150 65bf 8ded
Ebro_Flyer_01 a13d 19c6 da84
Kirbys Flyer
    Photo of signed flyer posted
on a wall of Kirby's in Wichita.
    Flyer for performance, opening for John Cale.  

Graphics & Artwork      
stickerscropped new 100
Unused button art
by Bill Goffrier
Unused cassette cover art
by Bill Goffrier
Eric Cale Sketch
Death Travels West cover
Embarrassment poster
Embarrassment_artwork_2006 Embro Flatiron Bill Ink
(front) Bill Goffrier, drawing of the band At The Flatiron
Bill Goffrier, drawing of the band
Original concept art for the Sex Drive single
Unused button art
by Bill Goffrier & Eric Cale
"John" lithograph by Bill Goffrier. Henry Nelson "Ron Klaus Wrecked House" print Bill Goffrier, Big Dipper EP design sketch
Bill Goffrier, Big Dipper design sketch      
Embo 1983 concert review Doug Hitchcock early reunion review Embo Talk Talk interview
photos by Bill Rich
Review "God Help Us"
Conflict #51
Embro_review_Conflict51 Embro_FreshSounds_ad Embro_Offense01
Big Dipper "Slam"
Review Conflict #51
Embo reference in The Onion Fresh Sounds ad in Talk Talk

Embo Offense #1

Embro_LJWorld_83 Embro_Pressbook_01 Embro_Pressbook_02 Embro_Pressbook_03
Embo article 1983
Lawrence Journal World
Embo Pressbook
Embo Pressbook 01 Embo Pressbook 02
Embro_Pressbook_04 Embro_Pressbook_05 Embro_Pressbook_06 Embro_Pressbook_07
Embo Pressbook 03 Embo Pressbook 04 Embo Pressbook 05 Embo Pressbook 06
Embro_Pressbook_08 Embro_Pressbook_09 Embro_Pressbook_10 Embro_OffTheWall_ticket
Embo Pressbook 07 Embo Pressbook 08 Embo Pressbook 09 Embo Lawrence reunion ticket
Embro_review_Conflict48 NewWaveBrothers_review
Embo Review Conflict #48 Embo First Review New Wave Brothers review
(Embo side project band)
Jim Rosencutter
Recording agreement
Embro_interview_01 Embro_interview_02 Embro_interview_03 Embro_TalkTalk_review06
Embo Interview, pt.01 Embo Interview, pt.02 Embo Interview, pt.03 Embo EP Review
Talk Talk
Embo Interview, pt.04 Kansas City Star, Star Sunday Magazine March 5, 1978. Brett Geissmann in a punk rock fashion contest at a KC Ramones concert, shown on stage with the band. Embo 2006 Reunion
Lawrence Journal World
Lawrence "The Note"
Lawrence "The Note" Lawrence "The Note" Obit for John Boyd,
artist for the Embo's EP cover.
Brian Drake - Found inserted in my recently procured copy of the E.P. A letter to Kiefs
Offense Newsletter, 1982 Japanese Embo fan web page, translated from Japanese. Spin magazine appearance Bill Goffrier bio clipping

Wichita newspaper article on Ron Klaus's wrecked house. Wichita newspaper article on Ron Klaus's wrecked house.
(Full page version)
Entry on the band from the book
"Wichita Rock & Roll: 1950 - 1980"
Wichita Eable/Beason article on the band from 1981
Nashville Intelligence Repotr issue 07 01 xce Repotr issue 07 02    
  In 2019 Bill Goffrier held an "Embarrassment Garage Sale"
These are the Facebook images he posted to show what was available
In 2019 Bill Goffrier held an "Embarrassment Garage Sale"
These are the Facebook images he posted to show what was available
LJWorld Underground Sounds 1982      
Big Dipper      
Articles [all articles are PDF documents]
When Hollywood Came To Town (Bill Goffrier, The Active Age)
A film nearly 20 years in the making tells the story of Wichita’s The Embarrassment (The Pitch)
Wichita Gone Wild - The Embarrassment Revisited, WFMU
Embarrassment - Promo Pack 1981, found at KJHK
The Perfect Sound Forever, online magazine present The Embarrassment
An Embarrassment of Riches, The Shocker, 2006 by Michael Carmody
The high-flying Bill Goffrier, The Pitch, KC 2012
WFMU: Wichita Gone Wild - The Embarrassment's "Patio Set" Revisited
The College Crowd Digs Me, Interview: Bill Goffrier, 2011
The Pitch in KC list the top vinyl albums of 2011
East Portland Blog: The Embarrassment & The Kent 3, Twins of Different Ages?
The Pitch in KC reviews Bill's Patio set at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, 2010
The Embarrassment, Lawrence Reunion 2006 Setlist
Embarrassment Of Riches, Reunion 2006 article, Wichita
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, Kansas City Star, review
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, Wichita City Paper
Embarrassment, Wichita Reunion 2006 Setlist
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, Kansas City Star article
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, Lawrence.com article
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, Wichita Eagle article
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, Lawrence Journal World article
Embarrassment Reunion 2006, review from a blog in Texas
The Embarrassment - The Embarrassment, Richard Vogt, Faster/Louder, 2005
The Embarrassment - Perfect Sound Forever (online mag), March 1997

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