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Embarrassment Links

Table of Contents
  1. Directly-Related Embarrassment Links
    Web sites, info, etc. on the web about the Embos. This will include links to Big Dipper and Del Fuegos and other post-Embos sites.
  2. We're Cross-Linked Here
    People and institutions who list these pages on their pages.
  3. Record Labels of Interest
    The Embos' various labels on the web.
  4. Fellow Travelers
    Links to other bands and people related to the Embos. A short list but growing.

Directly-related Embarrassment Sites

We're Cross-listed Here

  • WMBR is the MIT radio station, with which I once had a slight association, but which was and is an outstanding Indie alternative. Their band list includes the Embos.
  • The Late-Riser's Club at WMBR best of 1980-1995 includes the Embos.
  • And another stalwart of WMBR, the Breakfast of Champions, has the Embos listed.
  • Heyday made the #1 slot on WMBR's January, 1996 playlist, perhaps thanks to superfan Jon Bernhardt.
  • Mike "Blur" Wahweotten has a really odd, personal, eccentric but interesting History of punk in Lawrence that includes references to the Embos and links to a couple of Embos' flyers. The entry point is here, and the links page is here.

Record Labels of Interest
Information about Embos' record labels or record labels

  • My Pal God Records: The current home of what Embos titles are available.
  • Bar/None Records; you can order God Help Us and Heyday through this site.
  • The Embarrassment Bar/None Bio: Includes a short discography and some rumour-ware from late 1995.
  • Bomp! Records arguably gave the Embos their first wide release.

Fellow Travelers
Related and/or Embos-influenced bands.

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