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  • 2024

    July 20th - Heatfest: The Embarrassed Men at Kirby's, Wichita
    with Black Cat J and many other bands over two days

    August 17th - The Embarrassed Men at Lucia in Lawrence, Kansas

    Sept. 12th - The Embarrassed Men at Kirby's (Wichita)

    Oct. 12th - Central Standard Brewing, Wichita

    October - The Embarrassment Documentary screening at Hutchinson Fox Theater
    (check back for date)

    June 01 - The Embarrassed Men at Kirby’s

    June 14 - The Embarrassed Men at Kirby’s (Wichita) with Mike Coykendall (who will join the band for several songs)

    July 20 - The Embarrassed Men at Kirby's (Wichita) with Black Cat J

    August 17 - The Embarrassed Men at Lucia in Lawrence, Kansas

    Sept. 12 - The Embarrassed Men at Kirby's (Wichita)

    October - The Embarrassment Documentary screening at Hutchinson Fox Theater (check back for date)

    May 25th - The Embarrassed Men with Get Smart!, and The Mortal Micronauts at Lucia in Lawrence, KS

    April 11th - Salina, Kansas, Director Danny Q&A and Bill Goffrier performing a solo set.

    March 24th - The Embarrasmentay screens in Seattle

    March 14th - The Embarrassed Men perform at Kirbys in Wichita

    The Embarrassment Documentary is Now on Amazon Prime

    Jan.13th - The Embarrassed Men perform at Kirbys in Wichita

    Spin Magazine lists The Emabarrassment documentary as "Doc of the Year, 2023"
  • 2023
    Dec. 7th - The Embarrassed Men perform at Kirby's in Wichita

    Nov. 12th - The Embarrassment documentary shown in Boston by WFMU

    Watch for for additional performances by The Embarrassed Men this Fall

    The Embarrassment documentary:
    Additional screenings added
    August 30th - Philadelphia, Embarrassment Documentary screening
    October 11th - Boston, Embarrassment Documentary screening

    August 8th - Athens
    August 17th, 18th, 19th, & 20th - Wichita, with The Embarrassed Men performing at Kirby's and Goffrier attending screenings
    August 25th - New Orleans
    August 26th - Queens
    August 30th - Philadelphia

    Brent 'Woody' Geissman performs with the Del Fuegos for a reunion concert in July.

    The Embarrassed Men play a 2nd concert at Kirby's Beerstore, preciding the Tallgrass Center screening.
    Date to be annonunced, screenings held August 17-18

    The Embarrassment Documentary will be screened across the country.
    Here's a listing of the confirmed locations:

    July 9 Chicago, IL @ The Hideout (with Bill Goffrier solo performance following screening, director Q&A)
    July 12 Kansas City, MO @ Stray Cat Film Center
    July 26 Brooklyn, NY @ Nitehawk Prospect Park (with drummer Woody Giessmann & director Q&A)
    July 27 Los Angeles, CA @ Brain Dead Studios (intro by Adventures of Pete & Pete creator Will McRobb & director Q&A)
    July 27 New Jersey, NY</strong> @ The Clairidge, 486 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair(Introduced by WPRB Deejay Jon Solomon &amp; director Q &amp; A)
    August 8 Athens, GA @ Flicker Theatre & Bar (free screening)
    August 17-19 Wichita, KS @ Tallgrass Film Center

    June 30 Lawrence, Kansas @ Liberty Hall (part of Free State Film Festival, with Embarrassment reunion concert following screening)

    June 23rd in Hutchinson, Kansas. The Embarrassed Men will perform at the Sandhill Brewery

    June 17th in Wichita, Kansas. The Embarrassed Men will perform at Kirby's Beerstore, this is a free event.

    The Embarrassment Documentary is FEATURED in SPIN MAGAZINE
    (Read more)

    June 30th in LAWRENCE, KANSAS

    The Freestate Festival, held in Lawrence during June & July, will feature a reunion concert of The Embarrassment. The band will include original members John Nichols and Bill Goffrier. Also featuring Eric Cale on bass (artist for the "Death Travels West" LP cover) and longtime friend of the band Britt Rosencutter on drums. Tickets On Sale Now in Lawrence via the Lawrence Arts Center website & The Liberty Hall boxoffice.

    The Embarrassed Men will play a special show in Wichita at The Monika House with Black cat J, Jermiah Foundation, and The Excuses featuring John Eberly.

  • 2022
    Sound Unseen Film Festival in Minneapolis, announces that The Embarrassment documentary will screen on Sunday, November 13, at 12:30 p.m. at the Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater in Uptown Minneapolis.

    Photos from the The Embarrassment reunion show at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas as part of the premeire of the film "We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment," on September 30th

    The Embarrassment perform a reunion show at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas as part of the premeire of the film "We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment," on September 30th, as part of The Tallgrass Film Fest.

    Embarrassment Reunion artwork released

    A KMUW radio piece on The Embarrassment about the release of the "We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment" movie.

    The Embarrassment full page article on the bands 2022 reunion and documentary - Wichita Eagle (Facebook)

    The Embarrassment full page article on the bands 2022 reunion and documentary - Kansas City Star (pdf)

    The Embarrassment play a special noontime concert as a trio, part of the Sedgwick County Historical Museum's 2022 Hertitage Square Concert series on September 21st.

    "We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment" a documentary about the band. Premieres at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas on September 30th, as part of The Tallgrass Film Fest.

    "We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment" Kickstarter - extended promo

    "We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment" - Teaser promo

    Production nears completed on The Embarrassment Movie, which began shooting in 2006.

  • 2020
    Last Laugh records
    reissues the original Embarrassment LP "Death Travels West" in a limited edition vinyl.

  • 2020
    Demolition Kitchen Media
    has been digitzing the bands old cassette recordings collection and has created an online archive of these recordings. The material is being posted on The Internet Archive HERE.

  • 2020
    Last Laugh records
    reissues the original Embarrassment EP in a limited edition white vinyl and in black vinyl too.

  • 2018
    Bill Goffrier continues to post info and photos abou the band on Facebook

    Homestead Records appreciation page
    on Facebook page has been on a band nostalgia kick lately, posting a number of video clips on the band from that label, including Big Dipper.

    The site admin updates this site once every six months or so, these updates have mainly been added to the Scrapbook, Photo, and Video pages.

    In the past several years Demoltion Kitchen Media has been digitizing and posting all of the video and film content from Bill Goffirer's collection. They've been posting it on the Internet Archive, here's a link to a sorted listing.

  • 2017
    Added a another new page in the video section with more archival watchables from the collection of Bill Goffrier.
    Visit the page

  • 2013
    BIll & Karlee Dean play a series of live shows throughout the Midwest & East coast.

    Big Dipper releases a new album, the first in many years, called "Big Dipper Crashes on the Platnum Planet".

    Bill Goffrier, album promo for the new Big Dipper album.

    Big Dipper reforms and plays several shows in New York, Cambridge, & Chicago.

    Bill & Karlee Dean marry.
  • 2012
    The Del Fuegos, the great 90's band with Woody on drums, have reformed for an upcoming tour,
    here more info on the band & tour.

    Here's another article on the Del Fuegos reforming from the Boston Herald.

  • 2011

    Last Laugh Records label has reissued the bands first 45 single "Sex Drive"
    Visit their site for more info & to purchase

    Bill has issued an EP for his side project band with Woody "Saucer", purchase the disc at CDbaby
    More info & to purchase

    Here is an advanced promo video for a new movie about the band with performance excerpt from their 2006 reunion concert at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS

    The band has music up now on Soundcloud, here's the link.

  • 2010

    Bill Goffrier is planning on performing more Kansas dates this Summer, check back for details.
    The Pitch in KC reviews Bill's Patio set at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence
    Friday April 23: Bill Goffrier solo "Patio Set" show at the The Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS,
    show starts at 6pm with John Eberly plus Danny Pound opening.

    Saturday April 24: Solo show at the Blue Lounge in Wichita, KS,
    show starts at 10pm with John Eberly plus the Terrible Twos opening.

  • 2009
    Saturday, November 14th
    Right Turn Saturday Night Coffee
    Join us for an evening of music by WOODY GIESSMAN, JON COHAN, RICHARD
    O'CONNELL, and MIKE PYLE. Opening the show will be BILL GOFFRIER of
    for a solo acoustic show. Show at 8, $5
    More Info

  • 2008 reunion

    The embarrassment performed an acoustic concert august 30, 2008 at john barleycorn's in the delano district, west douglas avenue, wichita, kansas. The performance was opened by brent giessmann solo on electric piano for a few songs, then the local group the sluggos. The original trio of goffrier, nichols and giessmann then took the stage with eric cale (cover artist of death travels west!) on upright bass and freedy johnston on additional guitar and backing vocals.some new, or previously unperformed work was presented, including the song carpshoot written by ron klaus, who was not able to attend. Freedy Johnston followed to end the night with his solo work. WSUIR, WSU student internet radio filmed the event and are working on the edit. the concert was also filmed by a fan from lawrence and was to be made available via m. bill goffrier. there are also some clips available on youtube donuts, made from kansas wheat, were provided by michael carmody.

  • 2006 Reunion
    The Embarrassment played two reunion shows in August 2006. Friday/Saturday August 18/19, 2006The Roadhouse, Wichita, KS(with special guests on Friday; on Saturday) Sunday, August 20, 2006 Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS (with special guests and The Mortal Micronotz)

  • In 2005, Dan Fetherston from the band The Oxford Collapse began work on a proposed documentary about the band. He transferred much of the available video to digital format, and conducted video interviews with band members and associates. The activity inspired the 2006 reunion shows, which Dan then videotaped personally on 8/18 and 8/19, and with multiple cameras and Kansas University student assistance on 8/20. He is still working to complete his film project as of 2009.

  • 03-06-01 Embarrassment Tribute Album in the works!
    Daniel Gill of Animal World Recordings confirms rumours that an Embos' tribute album is in the planning stages, for possible release in 2002. Bands mentioned as possibly participating include Nothing Painted Blue/Franklin Bruno, Oneida, My Dad is Dead, Lambchop, Versus, and VTOL. We also know of recent covers by the Ass Ponys (Two Week Vacation) and Dumptruck (Sex Drive). Bands interested in participating should contact Daniel at animalworld@hotmail.com -- more news here as we get it.

    More will be posted here shortly, but why wait? Go to MyPalGod records and order it up right away! It's an hour of new old Embarrassment music, from band practice sessions, radio shows, live gigs, and even the odd studio outtake from 1978-83. Twenty-two years in the making and still fresh as warm cow's milk!

  • Click here to see the archive of older Embarrassing News items
    Note: Some may be out of date or incorrect.

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