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The Embarrassment Live

This page is a work-in-progress to list out the Embarrassmet's live gigs. The point is not to be encylopedic for its own sake, but to provide a way of describing after-the-fact the nature and effect of the Embarrassment's live music on their fans.

Off-the-Wall-Hall, Lawrence, Kansas, December 12, 1980

Mike Blur:
I first saw the Embos on Dec 12, 1980 at a bar called Off The Wall Hall here in Lawrence. They were actually playing after the band I went to see, the Mortal Micronauts, who were friends of mine from high school and wanted me to see their first-ever performance. (a large image of the flyer from the show exists on Matt's page) Needless to say, the Embos absolutely blew me away, and I've been a devoted fan ever since. It was almost like a pilgrimage, putting aside a whole weekend for the embos: they would almost always be scheduled to play OTWH on both Fri and Sat night, or some kind of arrangement where they would play in Kansas City on Friday, and Lawrence on Saturday. Perfect fix for the Embo-junkie: three sets, three-four hours worth of Embo revelry both nights! Who needs an opening band??!

The Cedar, Wichita, February 26-27, 1982

From Bullet #3, a Lawrence zine, as transcribed by Mike Blur, and bylined Bill Goffrier:

THE CEDAR CLOSES, THE EMBARRASSMENT PLAYS Feb 26-27, 1982 Wichita's only regular live music outlet has closed. To the vast majority of Wichitans this is not only bad news, it is inconsequential. However, there are at least a few hundred that are already missing the intimacy and convenient chance to hear something new. Sue Spade observed well when she told me: "The place welcomed everyone, and the abundant Cedar helped create a clubhouse atmosphere. You could sip a beer on the front porch if you wanted." In 1979 a table was rolled out of the corner so the Embarrassment could play. From there the regional scene had room to exercise and grow. The Aagarns, pre-New Wave Bros. were an early attraction as a very energetic pop band. The Moderns, more consciously New Wave and slick, drew a huge crowd. (150 is huge when the place seats under 60.) Others dropped by: Get Smart, the Yardapes, the Gear, Mortal Micronauts, Abuse, Rock Downer and the Uppers, and more. On the last weekend, the Embarrassment got to do the honors. We started with "Patio Set" and played three sets both nights, testing a few new songs like "Hip and Well Read" and "Viewmaster". As we played I recognized familiar dancing feet. One time I did look up to see police come in. My fear of being shut down ended when they left with a couple teenage girls. -Bill Goffrier-

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