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Web Site History
by Matt Wall

Site Timeline
I never kept a metatimeline, but I may be able to
find some archived versions on one of the old server dumps. Here's the basic
timeline off the top of my head

1985 -- I started an Embarrassment discography from liner notes and disc
information, circulated it in typed format - this was largely an attempt to
track down material, which had not been catalogued anyplace convenient, but
then became a form of evangelism for the band.

1986 -- put first version of this discography on a BITNET file transfer
server at Swarthmore College, PA. The first year there were fewer than 10
requests for the file.

1988ish -- established public ftp server access, hosted at Brandeis
University, MA. Transferred back to Swarthmore College in 1990. Site
included some article scans in addition to the discography.

1991 - hosted on a Gopher site and FTP site simultaneously. Gopher was off
my (Matt Wall's) personal tree at Swarthmore gopher site.

1992 - first World Wide Web version set up on a Physics department server at
Swarthmore College.

1994 - Embarrassment web site appears in Jerry and Dave's Guide to the
Internet (which became the basis for Yahoo). Initially it was the only band
site listed.

1995 - major re-write and expansion of site material, site moved to Carnegie
Mellon University off my personal web page space.

1996 - embarrassment.org domain established, hosted off-site by the Data
Haven Project through 2009.

2009 - a site revamp is instigated by Bill Goffrier, building on the previous Matt Wall site and adding more material.

2019 - Site design updated.

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